Moving ON from Masks and Lockdowns to Real Immune Boosting Solutions!

Posted On Dec 10, 2020 by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD

Shilajit is a mysterious substance oozing from rocks most notably the Himalayas.

Greetings my friends, the Nutrition Ninja Doc here bringing you my special blend of contrarian insights and solutions to help you overcome your health challenges and achieve your health, performance, and appearance goals.

My 40+ years of study and practice in this field leads me to believe that 80+% of what we are being told is not only dead wrong but an intentional lie to create fear and compliance.

Greetings my friends, the Nutrition Ninja Doc here bringing you my special blend of contrarian insights and solutions to help you overcome your health challenges and achieve your health, performance, and appearance goals.

It's hard to avoid the elephant in the room or the information that I and many others have uncovered about what is most likely really going on. I'll do my best not to go off on any major tangents or rants and to focus on solutions rather than rail against the misinformation being force-fed to the populace.

We're literally a year into this 'scamdemic' with NO end in sight other than the false promise of a vaccine that will save the planet from certain annihilation. Does this whole thing seem a bit too much like a Hollywood movie plot to you as well? Do you really think that this whole thing is simply a real pandemic? Do you think that we are being properly & fully informed? That those in authority really know the full story? My 40+ years of study and practice in this field leads me to believe that 80+% of what we are being told is not only dead wrong but an intentional lie to create fear and compliance.

OK, that's enough of that, let's move right into a solution that will provide huge benefits regardless of whether what we're seeing is 'for real' or not.

There's something BIG that I want to tell you all about. Those of you who know me, know that I'm a bit cynical about all of the various miracle products being promoted every other day. Over the years I've seen hundreds of 'the latest & greatest health boosters and panaceas' come and go. Lots of fanfare and hype followed by dud after dud has taken a serious toll on my ability to believe or get excited about any of these over-hyped promotions.

That doesn't mean that I don't get excited when something truly innovative or helpful comes along. It also doesn't mean that it has to be something NEW, just a newer take on something old will do the job. That's what I'm going to talk about today. Something VERY old, actually two VERY OLD things combined together for the first time to provide some MAJOR benefits.

I call it B.I.G. RESTORE. B.I.G. stands for Brain, Immune, and Gut, yet it helps to restore WAY more than those three things, it impacts EVERY cell, tissue, and organ in the body.

B.I.G. RESTORE is a combination of Shilajit and Naturally-Occurring Carbon 60. This combination is, in my humble opinion, the most revolutionary and beneficial nutritional product that I have ever seen. Although the combination is new, the substances are anything but new.

Shilajit has been written about as the 'fountain of youth' and a panacea for over 5,000 years! Carbon 60, although only 'discovered' in 1985, is a substance that has been ubiquitous in the universe for billions of years. Together they provide some amazing health-enhancing properties.

First, let's take a look at Shilajit. It's a mysterious substance that oozes from between rocks in several high mountain ranges most notably from the Himalayas. It is a very dark brown to a black tar-like substance that is actually water-soluble. It contains Soil Based Organisms, Humic Acids & Fulvic Acids complexed with approximately 90 additional nutrients.

  1. Soil Based Organisms are an extremely diverse array of microorganisms that naturally occur in healthy soil. They consist of bacteria and other life forms that do for plants more or less what probiotics do for humans. They essentially process materials, produce, and deliver various nutrients to plants, combat pathogens, and generally contribute to the health of plants. The trend in human probiotics has moved toward using SBOs as a superior way to build a healthy microbiome.

  2. Humates & Humic acids are natural constituents of healthy soil. Unfortunately, healthy soil is a thing of the past, humate & humic acid levels have dropped by over 66% in the past 200 years! Some of their benefits include: Building up the immune system, Increasing the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity, Helping to transport nutrients into cells, Increasing iodine transfer, Reducing or blocking the production of stress hormones, Assisting DNA and cell division to prevent cellular mutations, they also appear to suppress harmful members of the microbiome and support the healthful ones.

    1. One of the most important functional benefits of these aqueous humic substances is to help repair, rebuild, and RESTORE the 'tight junctions' between cells throughout the body. MANY problems that people experience are associated with 'LEAKY' junctions. Most people are familiar with the term 'leaky gut' but did you also realize that there are similar single cell coverings throughout the body? If a person has a leaky gut, you can bet that they also have a leaky blood brain barrier and a leaky lung or alveolar barrier. These leaky junctions are a major entry point for harmful microbes and toxins.

  3. Fulvates & Fulvic Acids have been called the "Elixir of Life" or Nature's perfect medicine. Fulvates have MANY documented benefits, they are a family of compounds that are naturally ionically charged. This allows them to bond with nutrients in their environments and naturally chelate those nutrients making them 'ionic.' This ionic form of nutrients makes them MUCH more absorbable by biological systems including plants and animals. The fulvic molecules reduce the surface tension on the outer cellular membranes thereby permitting increased oxygenation and micronutrient absorption by the cells. Fulvate molecules are also antioxidants due to their ability to donate electrons. Much of the research is actually listed under polyphenols rather than as fulvic acid or Fulvates. This has contributed to most people not knowing about the many important benefits of fulvates and fulvic acid compounds.

  4. The 90 or so additional nutrients contained in Shilajit (and Carbon 60) help to provide highly assimilable nutrients to facilitate all biochemical processes required by the body.

Now let's take a quick dive into Carbon 60. Carbon 60 is a naturally occurring allotrope (form) of carbon composed of 60 carbon atoms shaped like a soccer ball. Of course, all lifeforms on our planet are carbon-based. AKA C60, it was discovered in 1985 and the Nobel Prize was awarded for its discovery in 1996. Then, in 2012, the first toxicity study was published that blew everyone's mind. As is typically the case in toxicity studies they tried to kill a bunch of rats with C60 to find out if it is toxic and at what level. They FAILED! The rats lived TWICE as long as any rat is supposed to live and not one of them developed any tumors (also very unusual for old rats). That stimulated hundreds of studies to try and figure out why this was the case.

It turns out that Carbon 60 is a SUPER-Antioxidant and a SUPER-Detoxifier that, due to its incredibly small size (less than one nanometer in diameter, one billionth of a meter) is able to get EVERYWHERE and work at the subcellular level. That means it is able to penetrate all the tissues of the body including the blood-brain barrier. It is able to get into not only the cells but into the mitochondria & DNA. By the way, the mitochondria are the main place where normal oxidative stress happens, and C60 buffers and minimize the potentially harmful effects of this. Each molecule of C60 can donate 20 electrons which is what antioxidants do.

As a SUPER-Detoxifier C60 has even been shown to pull MERCURY from the brain. That is literally the holy grail of chelation therapy!

Note that all of the studies are in animals and that there have been NO human studies to date and there aren't likely to be any since C60 is in the public domain. That means that BIG Pharma can't patent it, so no one is going to make the investment to study it in humans. 99% of the C60 being sold is made synthetically in the lab and is not 'approved' for consumption. The C60 that we use, however, is naturally occurring and is derived from Shungite. It is approved for consumption by the EU and by treaty can also be consumed here in the US. This naturally occurring C60 has the added benefit of occurring along with 40 minerals and trace minerals to pack even more benefits and value. Finally, unlike the synthetic varieties, the naturally occurring C60 is both oil and water-soluble whereas the synthetic version must be mixed in oil for two weeks to achieve proper suspension. This translates into significant savings to you.

There are literally DOZENS of important potential* health benefits to regularly consuming B.I.G. Restore. I'm only focusing on the Brain, Immune System, and Gut because of those areas of critically important and in need of major support. However, B.I.G. Restore will benefit EVERY cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body.

Now for the BIG Gift alluded to in the title. This is basically a reward for those who stuck with me to the end. Use the code BIG-RESTORE to get 25% off on one or more bottles of B.I.G. Restore through the end of December.

*Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease condition. [double check verbiage]

**Additional Note: I do not trust the FDA or any government agencies, or the government for that matter. It is all too obvious that the founding principles upon which our nation was built have been systematically undermined and trashed. We are not free, nor are we a free market, capitalistic economy. We operate under something called 'Monopoly Capitalism.' This is where the powerful lobby for and help to create laws that restrict free trade and access to markets by imposing excessively burdensome barriers to entry to potential competitors. This stifles competition and provides them with major unfair advantages, i.e., an effective monopoly. This has happened in many fields. Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Food, Modern Medicine, Big Oil, Big Telecom, Big Media, and the Military-Industrial Complex are the most notable examples. These industries are the REAL Rulers of the World and it appears that they have been able to accomplish this without 99% of the population even being aware that of what they have been up to. SHAME on all of us for allowing this to happen and for tolerating it. I implore you to educate yourself and STOP allowing these forces to control you and your thoughts. OPT-OUT of the Matrix and regain your health, power, and freedom.

The Nutrition Ninja signing off.