Carbon 60 Series - Stress Status

Posted On Sep 12, 2019 by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD

Part 5 of 6

Making Sense of C-60 Rat Study in Relation to Humans: Stress Status

Let's face it, we as a population, are under more stress than virtually any humans in history. Sure, there were other stressful times, but none that had ALL of the major stressors that we face today.

Greetings and welcome, Dr. Max MacCloud (AKA The Nutrition Ninja Doc) here to talk about more about Carbon 60 which I consider to be potentially the biggest health breakthrough ever.

Before diving into today's topic I want to once again make it clear that, although I am medically trained and have practiced for 40 years, this is not meant to be medical advice. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Those choosing to self-experiment and research Carbon 60 are doing so for the potential health benefits, this post is simply pointing out a key factor that must be taken into consideration.

This post is the fifth of five in a series focusing on the famous C60 Rat study led by Fathi Moussa of the University of South Paris published in 2012: Stress Status.

'Stress' is a term that many people use freely, yet most don't seem to really understand it very well. Stress is much more than just emotional or psychological in origin, it is also environmental, nutritional, structural, and mechanical. There are a wide array of 'stressors' that effect or 'stress' the body causing it to become somewhat imbalanced and prompting an attempt to 'adapt' to that stressor, thereby becoming stronger when successful, and weaker if not. Let's explore some of the main categories of stressors briefly to help illustrate.

Emotional/psychological stress: this is what people commonly think of as stress. It's when we perceive that we are 'stressed' or 'stressed-out.' Often it has to do with a key personal relationship, work-related, and/or money-related. There is no doubt about the power of these types of 'stressors' and their ability to negatively impact or 'stress' our health.

Environmental stress: this involves EVERYTHING associated with the environment we live in. There are many types of environmental stress and most people are not really aware of most of them, here are some of the categories of environmental stress.

Toxins are a huge and growing area of environmental stress. There are literally tens of thousands of toxic substances that have been created and spewed into our environment over the past 100 years. We have not, and probably never will successfully 'adapt' to them.

EMR/EMF: Electromagnetic Radiation or Electromagnetic Frequencies are one of the biggest stressors we face today but VERY few people are talking about it or doing anything about it. Our bodies, and in fact every single cell in our bodies, are electromagnetic. All life forms are based on electromagnetism. The earth has an electromagnetic field. Microbes, plants, and animals, all have electromagnetic fields. The health of those electromagnetic fields is a vital component of our health. Anything that damages or disrupts the proper balance and electrical charges associated with our electromagnetic fields also damage our health. Any 'foreign,' man-made, non-organic EMF negatively impacts our electromagnetic energy field right down to damaging our MITOCHONDRIA! This isn't some airy-fairy concept, it is real, hard science that has been thoroughly documented and known about for many decades. Since we aren't likely to turn off all of these sources of damaging EMR/EMFs, we must do our best to protect ourselves from them. More info is, or will soon be, available on the website. In the meantime, do some of your own research. And NOTE WELL, 5G is the most damaging EMF/EMR technology ever and it will cause SERIOUS health problems for MANY people. Neither the companies rolling it out nor the government seems to give a crap about the known health hazards of it.

Interestingly, there is speculation that Carbon 60 may play a role in helping to protect us from some of the damage that 5G and man-made (dirty) EMF pollution is causing.

That's it for this installment, see you in the next one. Please remember to share this post and information with your health-conscious friends and loved-ones.