Carbon 60 Series - Rat Studies in Relation to Humans

Posted On Aug 14, 2019 by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD

Part 4 of 6

Making Sense of C-60 Rat Study in Relation to Humans: Other Nutrients

Greetings and welcome, Dr. Max MacCloud, AKA The Nutrition Ninja Doc, here to talk more about Carbon 60 which I consider to be potentially the biggest health breakthrough I've ever seen.

To get started I want to make it clear that, although I am medically trained and have practiced for 40 years, this is not meant to be medical advice. This information is for educational & entertainment purposes only.

This Post is the fourth of a series that focuses on some important things to consider re the famous C60 Rat study led by Fathi Moussa of the University of South Paris published in 2012: Iodine.

Continuing on the theme from the previous post, ALL vital nutrients must be available for proper physiological function and health. That applies to get all of the potential benefits from C60 or anything else for that matter.

Iodine is a vital nutrient that the vast majority of the population, an estimated 80%, is grossly deficient in, EVEN by government RDA standards (which are completely inadequate when it comes to optimum health). And what % of the population is deficient in Iodine is based on government studies.

Iodine is vital to MANY crucial functions of every single cell in the body. Since most people are deficient (80+% by government studies based on the RDA) our cells can't possibly function properly. 'Wake up call' that's why we have such ridiculously high levels of chronic disease in our society. It isn't due to pharmaceutical deficiencies as Big Pharma and the Modern Medical Establishment would lead you to believe. It is due to multiple, significant nutritional deficiencies compounded by high levels of toxins, stressors from multiple sources, and extremely toxic lifestyles.

If you don't know about the many vital uses of Iodine, please take some time to learn about it. I have a condensed 2-page information sheet available on the website that you can download for free, find it here [insert the link]. There are also several posts on Iodine.

Learn why we have an Iodine Crisis in this country and most of the world for that matter. Learn about the toxic chemicals that have been added to our food and water supplies that BLOCK Iodine absorption and its attachment at key receptors throughout the body. Learn what you can do about it.

Without correcting your Iodine deficiency, there's simply no way to gain all of the potential benefits that Carbon 60 has to offer.

Remember, the rats in the Paris Study were given all of the important nutrients known to be necessary for rats. We have no idea what the outcome would be if the same rats had been nutrient deficient in one or more nutrients. Doing any positive nutritional or lifestyle intervention, without making sure all of the basics are covered, is silly. It's also a poorly controlled experiment.

Many top health experts agree that Iodine is one of the most essential minerals for proper cellular function and overall health. Do NOT take this vital nutrient for granted. Do NOT assume that you are getting enough.

We have a few excellent Iodine products available and the information sheet mentioned above has recommendations for how to use them. That's it for today's post, thanks for your attention and please share this information with your friends and loved ones.