Carbon 60 Series - Making Sense of Rat Studies

Posted On Aug 14, 2019 by Dr. Max MacCloud DO, ND, PhD

Part 3 of 6

C60 Rat Study - Making Sense of it

Greetings and welcome, Dr. Max MacCloud, AKA The Nutrition Ninja Doc, here to talk more about Carbon 60 which I consider to be potentially the biggest health breakthrough I've ever seen.

To get started I want to make it clear that, although I am medically trained and have practiced for 40 years, this is not meant to be medical advice. This information is for educational & entertainment purposes only.

This Post is the third of a series that focuses on some important things to consider re the famous C60 Rat study led by Fathi Moussa of the University of South Paris published in 2012: Magnesium.

Humans, just like rats and every other species, have many basic nutritional needs.

One of the biggest challenges facing modern-day humans is the FACT that we are still in the dark ages when it comes to fully understanding nutrition and optimum health. Really!

It isn't because we're that stupid (although we aren't nearly as smart as we think we are), it's because there are very powerful forces that have been blocking progress in the areas of nutrition and optimum health for over a hundred years. Call it a conspiracy if you want, it is, but it's also much worse than just a conspiracy, it's a FACT.

America in particular, although the wealthiest nation AND the one that spends more money on supposed 'health care' than any other nation by a substantial margin, is also one of the sickest nations. How does that happen? By design, that's how!

We DO NOT have a health care system in America, we have a DISEASE care system. The powers that be have conspired over many decades to systematically undermine the health of our people and make us dependent on expensive, ineffective, in fact damaging, medications and procedures based on NO rational, logical, or scientific theory or philosophy. I'm not referring to the government as the 'conspirators,' the 'government' is not pulling the strings it is just a piece of the apparatus of control that is controlled by higher, more sophisticated, and largely evil forces behind the scenes.

My point is that the rats in the famous Paris C60 study were given all of the vital nutrients that rats are known to need, whereas MOST Americans DO NOT even ingest the ridiculously low RDAs for multiple nutrients. Magnesium is just one of those vital nutrients, and it's a REALLY important one.

Magnesium is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT and most neglected nutrients there is. It is involved in over 500 different enzymatic reactions that impact EVERY cell in our bodies and virtually every key function of every cell. Without proper amounts of magnesium, there is no way to be truly healthy or to obtain all of the benefits associated with this essential nutrient.

There are many reasons why 80+% of the population fails to get anywhere near the optimum amounts of magnesium. For more the details, go to [insert URL to my magnesium story info sheet on our website] or request my free report.

In the meantime, for purposes of this post, it is crucial to understand that without optimum, or at least adequate, levels of magnesium, there is NO WAY to get the full benefits of Carbon 60.

One of the top magnesium researchers ever was Dr. Mildred Selig (Ph.D.), she studied this extensively and came up with optimum recommendations that are far different than the RDA of 320-420 mg per day. Her recommendation is for a minimum of 400 mg per 100 pounds of body weight and doubles that for those with health challenges or under any significant amount of stress (from any source).

One of the many challenges associated with magnesium deficiency is that, due to soil depletion, compounded by poor dietary choices, food alone is often insufficient to provide optimum amounts. To get enough, it often requires supplemental magnesium which has some potential issues associated with it. Taking significant amounts of magnesium in supplement form can lead to very loose stools, aka diarrhea, depending on the amount and chemical form of the magnesium. This, in turn, often causes people to stop taking this vitally important nutrient.

This is a challenge that I've been working on and I've come up with a solution. I've put several forms of magnesium into a super-healthy, low carb Macaroon Mix that I developed several years ago and it works great. Simply add water, scoop onto pans, bake or dehydrate, and you'll have a super-healthy, delicious, high-magnesium macaroon. By doing this, it serves as 'food-based' magnesium which slows and enhances its absorption and utilization by the body without the loose stools & diarrhea. You can find this awesome product here [insert URL to Magnesium Miracle Macaroons from the website].

That's it for today's post on 'additional things to consider when taking Carbon 60.'

PS: I'm in the final stages of development of a new Liposomal Vitamin C product. I hope to have it available within just a couple of months. We'll insert the link here once it's ready.