The measure of life is not just the Quantity of years, ...but the Quality.

My Mission

To support people in overcoming Life's Challenges for attaining their Health, Performance & Appearance Goals.

Understanding or Getting to Know Ourselves is about learning how all of the pieces come together to form THE WHOLE BEING. We must consider everything from the sub-cellular organelles to understanding our place in the Universe.

My Goals

  • To educate people about the factors that really matter and impact their health.

  • To cut through the Bullshit and Miss-Infomation permeating current News & Social Media.

  • To empower people to take action with confidence. The confidence comes from understanding the important factors vs the swamp of distracting minutia.




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Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support. It has literally changed my life and my family's lives for the better.

Fred C., FL

Doc Max is the most knowledgeable person I've ever met in the fields of Health, Fitness, & Nutrition.

Bridget H., FL

Amazing insights based on years of experience and training, like no other I've ever encountered.

Desiree J., FL

I just want to say that I've worked with a lot of doctors in my time, but Dr. Max is absolutely one of, if not the best. Nutrition Ninja just scratches the surface of what he knows.

Dr. Thomas T., FL

Here's a guy that really practices what he preaches. Super knowledgeable and committed to doing what's right for those he helps. He's a wonderful example for others.

Nadine W., FL

I've been a physician (MD) for over 50 years and I've never met anyone with his depth of knowledge and commitment to the fields of health, nutrition, and fitness.

Dr. Richard C., FL

I worked for him for several years. Over the years I've worked for dozens of doctors. He is hands down the best, smartest, and most sincere physician I've ever met.

Gabrielle J., FL

I've known Max since high school, even back then (a very long time ago), he was into what we all thought was some really weird health & nutrition stuff. If he wasn't so freaking smart in addition to being a top athlete, we'd have thought he was crazy. Go figure, 40+ years later a LOT of the stuff he was preaching back then has been proved to be true!

Charlie F., NJ

OK, so he's been on this kick since the 70s, we all thought he'd grow out of it but he never did. I'm as shocked as the rest of our gang to see thing after thing that he used to tell us about come to be accepted as true. Of course, now he's on to even more 'out-of-the-box' ideas.

Jack H., NYC

I was a patient way back when he was going through medical school the second time. He continued his nutritional practice on the side. All I can say is that he was, and still is, in a league all his own. Great advice, cuts to the chase and gets the job done.

Lois S., Boca Raton, FL.

Way back in the day we were both lifeguards, later I went on to earn my DC and then MD degrees and practiced for many years. We've stayed in touch and he still helps guide me with challenging cases and my personal health challenges. Although I'm a physician as well, I did not delve into the alternative medical and nutritional fields like Max has. There's simply no one else quite like him. I urge you to heed his advice

Dr. John S., NJ

I was referred to Dr. Max when he was going through his Osteopathic training and practicing nutrition part time. He was awesome and helped me more than I can say. It opened up entirely new ways of looking at health and nutrition. I continue to follow his recommendations to this day and it's been 25 years.

Lois H., Miami, FL.

Dr. Max has been instrumental in helping me steer my decisions on nutrition, health and anti-aging regimen for many years. I am comfortable saying I owe much of my current health to his council.

Joe Navas

Chronic Disease Statistics

Chronic diseases are ongoing, generally incurable illnesses or conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, and diabetes.
Most often they are preventable, and manageable through early detection, improved diet, exercise, and treatment therapy.

42 %
U.S. Adults Are Obese

10 %
Have Diabetes

45 %
Have Chronic Diseases

28 M
NO Health Insurance

Health and Chronic Disease Trends Since 2000


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John C. - Stem Cell Therapy

John was unable to extend his arms higher than his shoulders. Rather than surgery, he opted instead to visit Age Reversal Technology Center (ART-C) where Dr. Max helped him regain function of his arms.

Why Are Stem Cells So Cool?

Adult stem cells are some of the coolest cells in the human body. They're like tiny superheroes, hiding out in various tissues and waiting for their moment to save the day. These cells are capable of self-renewal and have the ability to differentiate into many different cell types, making them extremely versatile. But what exactly are adult stem cells, and why are they so important?

A Rational Explanation of Why Stem Cell Therapies are Taking So Long to Become More Widely Accepted by Mainstream Modern Medicine

Most people have heard about Stem Cell therapy by now yet few realize how long it has actually been used. We KNOW that stem cells are the real deal and that they work. We know that they are part of our bodies natural repair processes. What isn’t so obvious is why it has taken so long for them to be accepted and embraced by so-called ‘Modern Medicine.’ This short article will help to provide some clues although it does not delved nearly far enough into some of the darker, conspiratorial explanations.

Taylor - Stem Cell Therapy

Taylor came to see Dr. Max to treat "Frozen Shoulder". As a mother of 4 she was unable to move her arms and was in dire need of help.

Musculoskeletal Pain & Injury

In the vast majority of cases (90+%), injuries and chronic pain are associated with damage to the connective tissues as opposed to the joint itself. This damage can be due to a single traumatic event, the accumulation of damage from several traumas, or from repetitive motion activities/injuries where there was no ‘apparent’ trauma at all.

TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Lets discuss what testosterone replacement therapy is and why it is helpful as men age. "Low T" degrades your health and quality of life but it doesn't have to be that way. You can take action now. The above video will help you know know the fundamentals of your body function (The 4Ms) and what to look for if your testosterone is fading.

Quality Labels

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